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Top 7 Software Testing Certification

February 15, 2023
Software testing certification

Many businesses have used software testing to evaluate and confirm the quality of each software component so that the software can respond appropriately to various inputs from stakeholders. Furthermore, the techniques associated with testing programming, driver, or software applications involve risks that can occur intentionally or unintentionally in different environments. 

These risks need to manage proactively, and businesses need to have a production unit with general knowledge of how to apply risk analysis practically (which is a crucial component of software testing).

Consider the demand for a software tester in this situation. Yes, the need is enormous and will remain so as long as the software is developed and maintained. Whether you intend to conduct static or dynamic testing, you must adhere to best practices, and to do that, you must hire certified testers who have been recognized through certification by reputable organizations. 

Benefits Of Having Software Testing Certification

Getting certified can advance your career and possibly boost your income if you work in technology. Depending on your job and place of employment, certifications may or may not help you advance your career. The following are some advantages of holding certifications in software testing:

  • Raise your career opportunities: Potential employers may seek employees with additional certifications, as this can demonstrate dedication and broad abilities.
  • Boost your application materials: By including certifications in your application materials, you can demonstrate your relevant skills and credentials to your potential employers.
  • Improve your software testing abilities: You can gain more knowledge of the procedure and hone your abilities while studying and practicing for software testing certifications.
  • Express your dedication to learning: If you meet with your leader and express a desire to earn certifications, this can show that you are dedicated to learning and pursuing continuous improvement.

Top Certifications Courses For Software Testing 

Software testing is fueling the IT sector forward by scaling up the test process and continuous product delivery. The Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is a model that helps in the planning, execution, and assessment of software testing.

Currently, this profession is in huge demand, as it needs certified testers with expertise in automation testing. They all look for accredited professionals when outsourcing software testing jobs, whether an IT company or an individual customer. 

That’s why software testing certification has become the need of the hour for folks interested in the automation testing field. A well-known certificate issued by an authorized institute confirms that the certificate holder is skilled in a specific technology.

Building on that, we will discuss the best software testing certifications popular among testing professionals.

Software testing has a variety of job descriptions, from testers and test analysts to testing managers and test designers.

So if your goal is to take your software testing career to the next level, you can consider getting certified in a few of the below software testing certifications list.

Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

Certified Software Tester (CSTE) certification would indicate your high proficiency in quality control principles and practices. This software testing certification intends to establish standards for initial qualification and provides direction through aggressive educational programs. This will also assist you in career advancement and recognition in the industry.


  • Four years of college-level education and two years of experience in the information services field.
  • Three years of college-level education and three years of experience in the information services field.
  • Two years of college-level education and four years of experience in the information services field.
  • Six years of experience in the information services field.

How to apply for this software testing certification?

To apply for CSTE certification, register at their customer portal and pay the registration fees.

Apply Here

  • Level 1: Intermediate
  • Offered by: Quality Assurance Institute (QAI)
  • Exam Details
  • Part 1 – Multiple choice (100 questions each – objective / 75-minute)
  • Part 2 – Short answer/essay (12 questions each – subjective / 75-minute)
  • Total time – 2.5 hours, including an optional 10-minute break after part one
  • Passing score – 70%
  • Fee: $350 – $420 ($420 if it includes a book version of the Software Testing Body of Knowledge (STBOK) for CSTE.)

Test Automation University

Test Automation University (TAU) is an online global platform sponsored by Applitools that provides free test automation courses in a range of programming languages like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, etc., including web, mobile, API, visual, AI, and codeless testing tools. Test Automation University (TAU) will help you improve your test automation skills and provide you with everything to become a test automation engineer.


Each course has its prerequisites that you can check on the Test Automation University website while registering for the respective course.

Apply Here

How to apply for this software testing certification?

  • The learning path will help you find the best courses for you. You can select your preferred framework and programming language from the Learning Path.
  • You can enroll free for the course and get started.
  • About the certification:
  • Test Automation University provides free courses with videos, quizzes, rank badges, and certificates.

Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Analyst (CTAL-TA)

For folks working in mid-range job profiles in software testing organizations who want to prove their mettle as test analysts, the ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst certification is a good choice. The course is intended for software testers, automation engineers, etc.


There are two criteria that you must fulfill to appear in the exam.

A degree in Computer Science or a related field from an accredited institution + 24 months of experience testing software for two sub-modules or 36 months of experience for all three sub-modules.

Here are the three sub-modules. Technical Test Analytics, Test Analyst, Test Manager

Non-bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution + 60 months of experience testing software.

How to apply for this software testing certification?

ISTQB’s official website has provided links to downloadable materials for getting trained. To appear in the exam, you can find an exam or training provider near you.

Apply Here

  • Level: Advanced.
  • Offered by: ISTQB.
  • Exam Details:
  • Format – Multiple-choice.
  • Total Questions – 40.
  • Total Points – 40.
  • Total time – 60 minutes and an additional 25% for non-native language.
  • Passing Score – 26.
  • Fee: $250.

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Test Automation Engineer (CT-TAE)

ISTQB Test Automation Engineer (CT-TAE) certification is widely used in fundamental and advanced software testing. The ISTQB working groups are active globally for all these levels to help applicants get ready for positions such as software testers, test managers, test analysts, IT directors, QA managers, or quality assurance managers.

The ISTQB Test Automation Engineer (CT-TAE) certification is something to show off on your resume. It is one of the globally known automation testing certifications. The modules covered in the certificate will help you to develop your expertise by covering a wide range of topics.


There are two criteria that you must fulfill to appear in the exam.

Candidates must hold the ISTQB Foundation level certificate.

Candidates must have sufficient knowledge and experience in the automation testing domain.

How to apply for this software testing certification?

For getting trained, ISTQB has shared the links to many downloadable materials at their official site. To appear in the exam, you can find an exam or training provider near you.

Apply Here

  • Level: Advanced.
  • Offered by: ISTQB.
  • Exam Details:
  • Format – Multiple-choice.
  • Total Questions – 40.
  • Total Points – 75.
  • Total time – 90 minutes and an additional 22 min for non-native language.
  • Passing Score – 49.
  • Fee: $240.

Your knowledge of the foundational concepts of testing and quality assurance, defects, effects, fundamental to a mid-level understanding of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), and more will be tested by the ISTQB foundation and advanced-level certifications.

In addition to the aforementioned, ISTQB certification will cover tools and procedures for evaluating risks (related to testing) and monitoring the behavior and development of work products. With the help of this, candidates from all over the world can plan and schedule test execution techniques to assist companies in gradually developing the deliverables by the primary project criteria.

Professional Scrum Developer

Professional Scrum Developer is an Agile testing certification offered by Scrum. The certification is primarily intended for developers. Since testers are part of the development team or overall Agile team, this certification can also prove useful. It also has a great deal of content about Agile testing.

The Scrum Master certification validates your knowledge of delivering quality software in Scrum Teams using the Scrum framework, including modern Agile and DevOps practices. By earning PSD, you demonstrate your understanding of how to apply the Scrum framework to software development.


Several people have successfully taken the test in their native language using the Google Translate plugin. Please follow some instructions if you plan to use the Google Translate plugin.

How to apply for this software testing certification?

You can buy the certification course from their official website

The passing score is 85%.

There is a 60-minute time limit.

The number of questions is 80.

Exam format – Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True/False.

Free credly digital credential.

Practice assessments: Scrum Open and Scrum Developer Open.

Passwords are valid for one attempt only.

Lifetime certification with no renewal fee.

Cost: $200.

Rest API Automation Testing

To get well-versed in Rest API automation testing, Udemy Rest API automation testing is for you. After the course completion, you can implement a well-designed API automation framework using Rest Assured API and possess a detailed knowledge of tools like Postman.


Unlike other courses, the best part of this course is that you do not need any prior experience in API testing. Even if you are from a non-programming background, this course will teach you everything from scratch.

Apart from online lectures, you will have lifetime support. There is a discussion board where you can post your queries. The instructor will respond in less than a day.

The course covers all your requirements, including Rest API installations, knowledge of Java, and other theoretical documents.

How to apply for this software testing certification?

You can buy this certification course from the official website.

Apply Here

Level: Beginner.

Offered by: Udemy,

Total time – 27 hours (on-demand video.)

23 sections.

Fees – $6.51.

With over 160 lectures, the course is attended by more than 1,27,000 students. Udemy honored this course with the best-seller tag. It is the best course to take if you aim to learn an automation testing framework from scratch.

UFT One v15.x Certified Professional Exam

UFT is a combination of service test and QTP, which is managed and supported by Micro Focus. UFT One v15.x Certified Professional Exam is essential to acquire if you work on functional testing. Let’s find out how to get certified in UFT.


There are no specific criteria for appearing in the exam. However, it will help reduce the study time if you have quite a few months of knowledge and experience in UFT or QTP.

How to apply for this software testing certification?

To begin with, go to the Education Course Catalog.

Apply Here

Once you are in, click on the ADD TO CART option.

After clicking, you will be asked to create a Micro Focus account.

After purchasing the course, you can attempt the certification.

Level: Beginner.

Offered by: Micro Focus.

Exam Details:

Format – Multiple-choice.

Total Questions – 48.

Total time – 2 Hours.

Passing Score – 70%.

Fee: $200.


If you are a beginner, you can definitely explore some of the software testing certifications listed above and learn from basics to advanced modules.

That’s all from our end. We hope you will find the best software testing certifications suited to your requirement among the ones mentioned in the above list. Go for the one that suits your needs and proceed on the quest of becoming an expert in the domain of test automation.

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