As a Tester, how does it feel when you are done Testing a project, like completely? Absolute cheer! Perhaps it would sound like a party once you are really happy about the application you just tested. Up next it’s time for the application to steal the show. But, the job isn’t done yet. One little step to go. Sign off Document in Software Testing. And a testing sign off document template created just for you is coming your way. Before that, let’s quickly emphasize why the team needs it. Who can work on it and how to do it right. Let’s get started.

What is QA Sign Off Document in software Testing?

In a simple definition, it’s a formal way of informing the team that the testing is finally done and dusted. You’ll address the team and stakeholders stating that you have positively conducted all the necessary testing actions required to secure the application. At the end waving a green flag for the project/release to go live. In other words, it’s the Test team’s great stamp of approval. Now, this test sign off document can be sent to your particular set of individuals via mail or your preferred channel of communication.

Why a QA Sign Off Document is needed?

Realistically speaking, you need it because you worked for the project bearing all its ups and downs with a high-end team and that effort should be communicated. It’s an appreciable way to end things by comprehensively reporting the parts and results of the testing done with your team and especially the stakeholders.

Who is responsible for creating a sign off document?

Preferably anyone from the QA Team can work on it or a Test lead can be directly involved to complete the sign off document. Then the team works jointly with the product manager or head to agree on the QA sign off document.

QA sign off checklist is here…

Notably, there isn’t a particular way to make a test sign off document. The best approach is to make a template that works for you and your team. How do you find what works for you? Simple, if the sign off a document that you sent comes back with a ton ofquestions then probably it’s not working for you. That’s a sign it’s time for changes. In that case, try including more test insights. Once you get positive feedback after making changes then that’s your template that you need to save it for later.

It’s highly suggested that you make a template of the sign off document that works for you. Because, a template can make sure that the sign off document is fully equipped with test info that’s readable and understandable.

QA Sign off Template

We have mentioned a few things you should definitely consider including in your Software Testing sign off document. Refer to the below list.

Name of the Project

  • E.g: ‘E-commerce Website Launch’

Project Number

  • E.g: ‘xxxx’

Date of starting the project

  • E.g: September 10th, 2021

Date of ending the project

  • E.g: October 10th, 2021

Name the Technical Lead

  • Concerned person’s Name

Name of the Product Manager/Owner

  • Concerned person’s Name

Name of the Primary Tester

  • Concerned person’s name

List of Developers

  • All the developer’s names who were involved in this project

What are the Tests performed

  • E.g:

Integration testing
Security testing
Cross-browner testing
Acceptance testing

Different Browsers Tested

  • E.g: Crome etc.

Different Devices Tested

  • E.g:


Test Cases

  • A link to a full list of all test cases involved in this project.

Test Coverage

  • Give a link to a report showing test coverage.

New Features

  • A list of features tested in this project

Any Critical issues observed

  • Spotlight the critical issues you want people to know about.

All issues

  • Give a link to your issue tracking tool that shows all known issues in this project.

Final comments

  • Can be a 2 or 3 liner or a paragraph of your final verdict on the project summarizing the test team point of view about the project that’s been tested

Final Thoughts:

The above template is just an example of how a software testing sign off template would look like. As said earlier you can create your own once you discover what’s working for you. And obviously, every team and every project is different so you may be required to make some changes here and there but something like a QA Sign off Template can give you a better or initial idea.

This is a great way to run through final checks on the project you just tested. Other than that you may also find some rifts in the test coverage. And the test sign off is final! It means you have officially agreed with your team to pass the project to live. This means your time with the project has ended to treat it final and ignore further confusion within or outside the team.

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