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Zephyr Alternative: Top Testing Tools You Should Consider

May 3, 2023
Zephyr Alternative

In the realm of quality, there is an issue where developers, testers, and other stakeholders operate in separate compartments, resulting in poor team communication and a lack of collaboration on projects. The Elves are in charge of this problem. Unfortunately, the consequences of this disconnect are inevitable and include disgruntled customers, late releases, and missed deadlines. It is imperative to commence the Zephyr Quest, a journey toward finding solutions to these issues immediately.

This article will help you understand the best alternative for the Zephyr tool.



Zephyr incorporates testing into the development process, you can monitor software quality and decide whether to move forward or not. The test issues can be created, run, monitored, and reported. By integrating ZAPI’s RESTful APIs with automation tools like Selenium, and continuous integration tools like Bamboo, or Jenkins, you can improve the testing experience. Zephyr supports development both safely on-premises and natively on Jira.

How come you need a substitute?  

  • Zephyr’s capabilities can no longer support your team.  
  • You’re trying to find a tool with additional features.  
  • You’re trying to find a less expensive option.  
  • You desired a quicker resolution to any reported bugs.   
  • You’re unhappy with Zephyr’s customer service. 

After completing the massive test case that requires testing and debugging while feeling drained, you may turn to Zephyr for assistance. However, it may not always be the most effective solution. To make things easier, you might consider a few Zephyr substitutes.

Here are the top five Zephyr substitutes you should know. You can learn about the features they provide, such as help with testing and troubleshooting.

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Top Five Zephyr Alternatives



PractiTest is a complete SaaS test management platform that consolidates all your QA work, processes, teams, and tools into one platform to break down organizational silos, streamline communication, and enable a single source of truth. PractiTest provides end-to-end visibility through customizable reports, real-time dashboards, and dynamic filter views, enabling data-driven decisions.

Increase team output, reuse testing components to do away with tedious tasks, plan your team’s work based on AI-generated insights, and let your team concentrate on the important things. With the help of PractiTest, you can improve your product delivery and align your testing operation with business objectives.

The professional plan starts at $39 /user/month. They have a 14-day free trial as well.

Practitest surpasses Zephyr?

Zephyr for test management is available as a Jira add-on, which is the primary distinction between Zephyr and PractiTest. While this might appear more convenient, it leads to several problems, including performance degradation due to an increase in test processing on hosted servers (PractiTest eliminates this by using their servers) and fewer options for reporting. 

On the other hand, PractiTest offers a stand-alone test management solution that is seamlessly integrated with all Jira products and operates in two separate (but related) systems. The generated advanced reports can then include all integrated data for sharing.



Testsigma is unique among test management tools when creating and sharing test cases. You can learn all the fundamentals before you even start creating test cases with the help of the straightforward, user-friendly interface that can lead you down the right path to a better understanding of web-based software. 

It will also provide you with real-time tutorials. Testsigma has a free trial version you can use. It is brilliant to use this software for a while before deciding whether or not to pay for it. Of course, it will delay the premium benefits. The commercial part starts at $349.

Testsigma vs. Zephyr

Testsigma is a test management tool that runs in the cloud. Unlike Zephyr, its software is not limited to JIRA and can integrate a variety of other plug-ins including Sauce Lab, BrowserStack, Slack, and others. This test management software is well-known for its user-friendly interface and numerous automation features. Because Testsigma allows you to automate tests in plain English, the tests are interoperable across systems, making it ideal for QA teams. 

The majority of the positive feedback has been directed towards Testsigma’s test management features with robust reporting. You can use this testing tool for both web applications and mobile applications. It’s one of the best Zephyr alternatives thanks to its wealth of helpful features and attentive customer service.

QA Touch

QA Touch

QA Touch is a more intelligent test management tool for QA teams worldwide. QA Touch has over 1,000 customers and has provided seamless test management solutions for all of them, including assisting testers, developers, and managers in organizing their testing process. Manage test cases, bundle test suites, execute test runs, integrate third-party tools, and generate seamless test reports from a single interface.

Here are some of the benefits of using QA Touch over Zephyr

QA Touch integrates with other tools, including Jira, GitHub, Slack, and GitLab. You can manage all these activities from a single dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between tools.

You can easily create test cases, organize them into buckets based on your requirements, assign testers and developers individually or in groups, execute tests, and much more with QA Touch. Team members can comprehend requirements, priorities, and deadlines, allowing them to work more efficiently. You can also use QA Touch to distribute reports on test cases, test runs, releases, requirements, and issues to the appropriate stakeholders.



QACoverage is test case management software that helps you create high-quality, bug-free products by managing all your testing procedures. It provides project management solutions such as Test Design, Test Automation, Test Execution, Reporting and Dashboard, Requirement Management, and Agile modules to help Quality Assurance teams streamline their workflow.

Why QA Coverage over Zephyr?

It seamlessly integrates with test automation frameworks such as Katalon and Cypress. This tool will collaborate with Continuous Integration (CI) tools like Jenkins to improve testing and deployment automation. It offers critical analytics and bug reports. It also enables you to group test cases based on type, priority, and other criteria. 



AccelaTest is a fully functional web-based tool that makes managing your testing efforts simple. Using the simple interface of AccelaTest, manual testers can create and execute test cases while centrally managing their execution process. 

Why AccelaTest?

  • When it comes to testing case management, AccelaTest has reusable test repositories.
  • AccelaTest Set test result (pass/fail) status in one click.
  • AccelaTest has API integration for itself.
  • AccelaTest has customizable graphs, dashboards, and metrics.
  • There is no expensive IT infrastructure to maintain. Servers host everything in the cloud.

Reliable Alternatives to Zephyr

We have presented a list of five robust alternatives to Zephyr currently available. Our aim is to assist you in finding the most suitable option by providing a comprehensive overview of the available products. As there are several outstanding alternatives on the market, it is crucial to thoroughly examine each option before making a decision about which one would be the most appropriate for your company.

It is advisable to avoid making hasty decisions. Many Zephyr competitors and alternatives offer a wide range of features, including API, RPA, and load testing, which are integrated into a streamlined process that may be ideal for you and your team. It is essential to consider the requirements and budget of your business while selecting the most appropriate alternative for your organization.

It’s crucial to take your time when looking for the ideal software and pick something that will accommodate both short-term and long-term objectives. We hope that this list of the top Zephyr alternatives has assisted you in reducing your options and selecting the best test management system for your company’s requirements. 

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