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A Beginner’s Guide On Multivariate Testing

November 16, 2021

We’ll discuss Multivariate Testing and things in and around but basics first. When we are talking about digital businesses and challenges, conversion rate optimization is a real deal. And a perfect solution for this problem has to be A/B Testing and its companion Multivariate Testing. Well, what are they? Are they both the same or different and how they will impact the business? This blog will throw light on all the subject matters mentioned above. Read the blog to know more. Let’s get started!

CRO Conversion Rate Optimization process

One of the best practices of CRO includes Multivariate Testing which is a complex issue. It’s a multi-level operation that requires several specialists to monitor the results said by the conversion optimization. Now, what is a CRO? Notably, Conversion Rate Optimization is several digital marketing practices, for instance, penning down a hypothesis, experimenting, analyzing them with the results achieved, and it also includes multivariate and A/B Testing.

Testing is quintessential before executing any big changes on the website to protect themselves from the drop in sales and conversions. For example, you have changed the CTA buttons to the new Scarlet Red color and it doesn’t please the customers rather repels them. In that case, you want to know and correct it right? Because sometimes it’s not about the product but it’s about the website why you lose potential customers and fail to convert or even worse never retain them on to the website.

To avoid them all and the risks that come with them, testing is really important before implementing any change. Okay,  this is why several organizations use AB Testing, Multivariate Testing, or a unique combination of both. Well, now let’s find out if they are any different or are the same in any way and more.

Multivariate Testing VS AB Testing

In simple words, Multivariate and AB Testing are two different types of CRO techniques that are aimed to ascertain which version of the web app or eCommerce store/website or mobile app will convert the leads and potential customers in a better way. This also has much to do with how enticing and convincing the website or the application is. Although AB Testing and Multivariate Testing fall under the same umbrella they are different as well. Well, how?

Let’s look at some of its key differences to clear some confusion. Let’s go!

What is AB Testing?

In AB Testing there are typical two versions of any website. The entire website traffic is divided into two exact halves and dedicated to each version A and B. And from both whichever vision converts the leads into business are named or credited as the winning version.

Well, this type of testing is widely used if you have two separate versions of your website. Let’s say, you have a different color scheme for instance one pastel and the other is tropical. Or if you have different landing page layouts. One hero banner and the other with some video or animation. AB Testing works marvelously if you are trying to test the general website design. And again if you are looking more towards bringing more traffic to the website. AB Testing is for sure your gold mine.

What is Multivariate Testing?

MVT or Multivariate Testing is something that can help you define the combination of elements that convert the customer in the best way possible. In other words, instead of comparing some versions of the website, it rather compares various elements of the website.
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Let’s say you want to figure out which combination of the headline text and the supporting graphics impress or inspire the customers to buy your products. In these cases, you’ll need some 3 to 4 variations to test and in the end, only one will make out of the test.

Multivariate Testing actually enables you to test multiple factors of the same landing page, unlike the in pairs like in AB Testing. Multivariate Tests are widely used in cases of controversial elements of the website. And you want to figure out which variation or combinations works best for the visitor to get converted.
Multivariable optimization needs large traffic to conduct an AB Test, then the multivariate test will split the website traffic into several elements and combinations. And each combination will have to reach a certain number of visitors and conversions so that you can retrieve some meaningful results and insightful metrics.

CRO Testing Best Practices

The CRO best practices are mindfully divided into two categories:


In case you have a high volume of eCommerce websites, then you ought to test a lot. Every banner, landing page, every CTA button can possibly have several placements, colors, and shapes. And by using multivariate testing you can determine the best combination of these elements. At last, this will result in big business numbers and sales for your team.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps (given that you have a large number of users), can benefit a lot from implementing multivariate testing.


Multivariate testing is vital to any e-commerce or mobile app business that is dedicated to increasing its sales in a smart, consistent, modern-day way. All you have to do is create a hypothesis, and run experiments. And the best website version that will bring you the most revenue is right here!

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