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Introducing Requirements Module in QA Touch

May 9, 2018
business requirement test feature

We’ve got some good news.

Rolling out from the next week, QA Touch users can map the test cases with corresponding business requirements. Thanks to Requirements Module, an all-new feature built into QA Touch in the interest of improving and tracking the seamless Test Case Mapping.

Why Requirements Mapping?

Business Requirements are the only way to visualize the end product. Generally,  business requirements can be a document, spreadsheet, presentation or any sort of representation that explains the proposed outcome of the product or services.

Making sure that the project is in sync with the business requirements, at any given time, improves the overall success ratio. Also, it saves the resources overall costs, the time associated with change requests, and related investments in training, infrastructure, etc.

In product/project development, requirements play a critical role. That being said before a project goes live it should be verified and validated with the well-written test cases.  

How QA Touch integrates Requirements & Test cases?

We can classify the Requirements into found major categories,

  • Business Requirements,
  • Functional Requirements,
  • Integration Requirements,
  • Performance Requirements.

Upon populating the requirements from the user,  the business scenarios are categorized into small requirements which makes it easy to track. Each requirement is then further linked to appropriate test cases. 

MindMap View Of Upcoming Requirements Module

requirement-mapingRequirement Traceability Matrix

After linking the requirements and test cases, you can view the Requirement Traceability Matrix(RTM).  With this matrix, you will know the status of coverage of the test cases and business requirements.

Additionally, we are also providing the reports for Requirements Summary. Hope the new feature would be useful for better Quality Assurance. Drop us a line, and we’d be happy to keep on improving QA touch with your suggestions and feedback.


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