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Top 3 Ways To Learn Software Testing For Beginners In 2022

August 25, 2022
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Software development is not complete without software testing. Testing is crucial at various phases of software development to create software that is easy to use and involves few errors. Testing is a technical skill that calls for the tester to keep up with the most recent standards and practices. You can keep up with the most recent techniques using a variety of ways. Let’s go over these in more detail: 

What is Software Testing?

The process of identifying defects in a final product is known as software testing. It also determines whether the actual results match the predicted results and assists in fault identification, missing requirements, or gaps.

Testing is the final step before releasing a product to the market. It entails examining, analyzing, observing, and evaluating many aspects of a product.

Professional software testers employ a combination of manual and automated testing tools. The testers communicate the results of the tests to the development team. The ultimate goal is to provide a high-quality product to the consumer, which is why software testing is essential.

Ways to learn Software Testing: 


Blogs are excellent resources for learning software testing since they convey the perspectives of topic experts.

  • Stack Exchange – Software Quality Assurance & Testing: This is a blog with questions and answers for software quality control professionals, software testers, and automation developers. One post a week is the frequency of posting on the blogs.
  • Sauce Labs: The organization provides professional advice on a variety of topics through blogs, including automated testing, continuous delivery, cross-browser testing, DevOps, and Selenium testing. The frequency of blog entries is two per week.
  • Software Testing Material is a blog for professional software testers that discusses articles based on methodology. Anyone interested in testing can check the blog. The frequency of blog entries is three per week.
  • Sticky Minds: This website has partnered with the Techwell community. The user community on this software testing-themed website can help you keep up-to-date on testing advancements, training, and conferences. If you are encountering problems with your testing projects, the site’s pro community of testers will help you find a solution in the Q&A section.


GitHub is an online community for software developers and testers. It is one of the top sites for learning software testing because testers can obtain a wealth of knowledge through the platform. Those who remain active on GitHub see an improvement in their reading and reviewing skills. It is also an excellent platform for developing a public portfolio. Code changes are uploaded to GitHub via pull requests, so both developers and testers can examine and evaluate the alterations in code before integrating them into production.


Automation step-by-step by Raghav 

Raghav Pal appears to be on a quest to spread knowledge about CI, DevOps, Automation, and Testing. It makes sense that he reached 87k+ subscribers in under two years, his current followers are 407k. Automation testing, mobile testing, Selenium with Java/Python, Katalin, API, Jmeter, GitHub, Soap API, Rest API, etc. are all covered in videos on this channel.

Mukesh Otwani – Let’s Automate

Mukesh Otwani’s YouTube channel provides information for software testers who have transitioned from manual to automated testing. Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Maven, Appium, Sikuli, AutoIT, Jenkins, Git, Github, and RPA are among the automation tools he covers on his channel. He has around 144k subscribers and if you’ve no coding knowledge and generally focus on manual testing in agile development and testing, then this YouTube channel could be your first stop because it contains a wide range of automation tools.


Guru99 currently has more than 200k subscribers and it provides a specific software testing playlist that includes topics such as defect/bug life cycle, test plan, test estimation, and so on. You can learn software testing through practical examples with unique videos. The channel has multilingual videos and claims to have trained millions of individuals.

Testing Is the Backbone of Software 

The perks of testing include bug prevention, reduced development costs, and improved performance. Learning software testing is not as easy as you think, it requires a lot of concentration and developed skills.

If you’re a beginner and you are looking for a way to write code that is error and bug-free when tested, try these resources that could help you gain knowledge in software testing. This could help you lower the amount of time you spend correcting defects, making the product release date more attainable.

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