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Top 10 Free Test Case Management Tools

August 17, 2020
Top 10 Free Test Case Management Tools

It’s epically a tough run being in a testing team round the clock, around the globe and there is no escape. Professionals doing the best job in the QA are quite relentless with a lot of coordination, communication, and continuation going on. Every so often the job gets tedious and you get trapped in a mega bunch of spreadsheets hunting for a 2-year-old test case reports. Meanwhile, stress and collapse are the best words to ideally relate to.

So what’s the rescue? Can I get it for free? Well, it should also prove effective at the same time. These are a few typical voices of some frustrated testers. Understanding your silent wondering we gave some amazing answers you wouldn’t want to miss.

What is a Test Case Management Tool? And yes, you obviously need one.

It’s a software tool that untangles pressurized test case management making it superbly pain-free. These trouble solving tools are specifically designed for software testers. They possess great capacities namely, automation, integrations, reporting, tracking, bug tracking, and more.

You would need them to work more smartly and save time aptly. It will let you come up with enormously quality products adding gigantic profits to your business. If you are still using the same old spreadsheets you better think about it again.

Mute your expectations, not your product experience.

Free isn’t good is just a deceptive saying. Free won’t do forever is a concrete truth. The best you can do is to limit your expectations and utilize the free tools optimally. Different tools offer different features, choosing wisely what suits your test practices is the key.
QA Touch
If at a certain point you feel that a particular tool is worth relying on go-ahead buy their services. Seek to build brand trust, it’s better than regretting a loss after massive subscription payment.

Here’s The List Of Free Test Management Tools:

  1. Test Master
  2. TestLink
  3. QA Manager
  4. Web TST
  5. Testopia
  6. Kiwi TCMS
  7. Test Collab
  8. ST Salome-TMF
  9. Golive – The $1 deal
  10. QA Touch

Follow the next few paragraphs and find out what’s so interesting about these freebie tools.

Test Master

The story of the Test Master is a fascinating one. Once upon a time, a need created a tool and then kept happily serving the needful. Learn the wholesome features of this stunning tool right down below.

  • Totally web-based right at your convenience.
  • Seamless test case logging that includes state (pass/fail/hold), troubles, ticket Ids, and change history.
  • Typically offers two types of email reports.
  • Strictly follows hierarchical management of test suites (Department – Project – Test suite)
  • Allows manual test case entry can also import the word files, CVS, and SQL.
  • Shows complete statistics of each test suite analyzing the state (pass/fail/hold) execution counts and completion percentage.
  • Web templates customization is unbelievably made available.
  • Operates well on Linux and uses Apache for web serving.

Test Link

Unlike any other free tool on the list, TestLink is ought to be the most popular.
People take an immediate liking to this tool only after a few uses. Let’s find out why.

  • Automated and manual test executions can be smoothly carried out.
  • Furnishes with various user roles.
  • Extends integration with several famous issue tracking tools.
  • Likewise, permits the tester to link test cases to bug tickets.
  • This web-based tool also allows the tester to import and export the test cases.

QA Manager

Perhaps a well-known QA Management tool that works excellently for free. Look at the features to know what it has to offer.

  • A web-based service, however, needs a simple installation.
  • Feasible to manage both testing projects and testing teams.
  • Easy tracking of the projects, reports, and releases.
  • Effective TC and resource management.
  • Provides an online library, it’s a great add on.
  • Creates timely alerts for keeping you awakened and focused.

Free Test Case Management Tool


Notably, it’s a simple open-source tool for Test Case Management and holds sublime features.

  • It pretty much runs on every operating system but it should have the JDK (Java Development Kit).
  • Best for functional and unit testing as it supports writing automated test scripts.
  • It rationally depends on the Apache server and it’s completely written in the Perl programming language.
  • Finally, the tool helps the tester to ensure the right performance of the sites which is all that you expect.


Good news, it’s a Bugzilla extension exclusively developed to handle the basic Test Case Management. Testopia is in close integration with all the Bugzilla products, components, versions, and milestones. Look below for a few more of its significant features.

  • Exceptional bug tracking.
  • Quick export of test cases and results.
  • The tool can also be used to track testing of anything in the engineering process.


It is a fantastic test management software, driven to provide the best services. It’s a perfect alternative to a boring spreadsheet with a big thumbs up. Aren’t you curious yet? Then you should definitely look at its features.

  • Lots of gripping integrations, a few to name Bugzilla, Jira, Github, etc.
  • Promises quick performance baseline at 130 msec/req and 7.5 req/sec.
  • The interface is fancy with a well-organized dashboard for flexible use.
  • Allows basic reporting and also offers access to external API.

10 Free Test Case Management Tool

Test Collab

Consider it as another diamond freshly dug out from the mine for you. Test Collab is greatly appreciated for how it enables effortless communication throughout.

  • Tempting integrations like Lighthouse, Jira, FogBugz, Redmine, Unfuddle, PivotalTracker, and Assembla.
  • Direct comments on test executions and secured communication with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Detailed metrics on execution reports.
  • Allows you to build custom reports for any prominent business decisions.

ST Salome-TMF

A free open-source Test Case Management tool catering to multiple environment testing. Read more for a better understanding of the features.

  • Automated test execution under different environments.
  • Swift management of test requirements.
  • Consistent tracking of the test results.
  • Manages the test cases in a hierarchical structure.

Golive – The $1 deal

It’s for those who are certainly fine spending a dollar to get in. It’s a $1 test management tool dedicated to handling agile software testing in different environments. This multifaceted environment hub helps the testers to prevent missing environments, utilization conflicts, and configuration gaps. The features are as follows:

  • A detailed environment inventory for easy access and understanding.
  • The Jira dashboard is complemented with unique Golive gadgets and convenient live reporting tools.
  • Set your real-time notifications and stay updated throughout.
  • A compelling integration with Jira is one such absorbing feature of this tool.

Our QA Touch

Immuned by quality but made free for the software hospitality. QA Touch is a genuinely trusted product by 1000+ brands all across the world. Heck of a user-friendly tool you’ll ever find. All you have to do is to click on the signup bottom and use it. Find more of its compelling features down below.

  • It’s not one or two but a whopping fourteen famous integrations can be found in QA Touch (Jira is absolutely for free).
  • You can smartly write the BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) test cases.
  • Access the mind mapping tool in QA Touch and brainstorm new innovative ideas.
  • Track bugs, report and fix the problem as quickly and qualitatively as possible.
  • 24/7 and 365 days of customer support and they are just one click away.

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