QA Touch and Reliance Games: A Game-Changing Testing Journey

Explore how Reliance Games, a pioneering force in the gaming industry, and QA Touch, joined forces to revolutionize game testing and enhance player experiences.

Discovering the Test Quest of Reliance Games

In the exciting world of gaming, Reliance Games shines bright as a global player across the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. Their talented team crafts games from start to finish, covering everything from ideas to getting them out there for everyone to enjoy. They’re all about making sure players have a great time on mobile, PC, and console platforms.

But making games that truly captivate players isn’t easy. Reliance Games wanted to ensure their games were engaging, user-friendly, and fun. It’s like making sure a song has all the right notes. Yet, there were challenges. How do you manage all the details while keeping things simple? That’s where they needed help. They were on the lookout for a tool that could make things easier, connect with other tools they used, and be simple to understand.

This is the story of how Reliance Games met QA Touch, a tool that promised to make their game-testing journey smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Let’s dive into their adventure and see how they made their games even better.

The Products Utilized In This Study

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Efficient Test Management for Seamless Workflows

Reliance Games ultimate goal is to create games that captivate players. QA Touch aligned perfectly with this vision by focusing on the user experience. By ensuring that the application interface was user-friendly, that features were entertaining and easily accessible, and that media files were of high quality, QA Touch helped Reliance Games in its mission to provide players with engaging and immersive gaming experiences. They now have 41395+ test cases and 90+ releases managed by QA Touch!

Our tool stepped in as a game-changer, offering Reliance Games a user-friendly platform to streamline their test case management. With a simplified interface, QA Touch made creating, organizing, and executing test cases efficient and hassle-free. This optimization not only saved time but also ensured comprehensive control over every testing aspect.

Seamless Integration with Familiar Tools

Integrating diverse industry-standard tools can be a puzzle. QA Touch seamlessly connects with JIRA, Gitlab, and automation frameworks, fostering a seamless collaboration ecosystem. This integration allowed Reliance Games to work harmoniously across platforms they were already accustomed to. QA Touch’s adaptability empowered the team to enhance their workflow cohesion and overall efficiency.

Enhanced Visibility and Informed Decisions

Maintaining visibility into testing progress and results is crucial. QA Touch addressed this challenge by providing improved traceability features. Test execution and outcomes were monitored within a single platform, granting a clear overview of testing advancements. This heightened visibility not only expedited reporting but also informed better decision-making, driving testing strategies toward more successful outcomes.

From simplifying test management and improving traceability to enhancing collaboration through seamless integration and sharable reports, QA Touch played a pivotal role in elevating the quality assurance process, ultimately contributing to the creation of games that resonate with players worldwide. Think your business needs us next? Schedule a free demo with us today!

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QA Touch nails it all – streamlining data, slick integration, and a user-friendly interface.” Samreen Shaikh loves it and so will you!

– Samreen Shaikh

QA Engineering Lead at Reliance Games