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Global Tester’s Day 2021 – What To Expect

August 10, 2021
Global Tester’s Day 2021 What To Expect

Testing and QA aren’t mere professions; they are the lowkey guardians of all kinds of businesses. The term Tester’s Day isn’t just a group of perfectly set alphabets. They bring our joy, pride, dynamism, passion, and basically everything together.

Plus, Testers aren’t just Quality Technicians; we are leaders, speakers, writers, problem solvers, Tech builders, entrepreneurs, and a lot more human. Then why let this very special day of ours remain just like an ordinary day?

Isn’t it supposed to be an epic heyday of celebration? Absolutely! So, we thought we would make it a fantastic time for all, by all we mean Testers from all cultures and countries.

I’ll tell you my short story and how QA inspired me to take different roads…

I wear different hats, all thanks to QA and the community.

A tester to tester talk? One day, I wondered with my team; what was pressing us the most while Testing was the tedious management in excel sheets. What a day it was! The brainstorming turned out to be one perfect adventure. Fast traveling to a few months later, we built QA Touch. And that’s how I began my new journey of Tech development and team lead.

So, it was a delightful evening that day when I decided to freeze all my thoughts on a piece of paper in the year 2018. I found another limitless passion; there it is! Writing. I never realized how it became one of my true pleasures. Eventually, I understood that the journey of Testing gives us a plethora of opportunities to become and accomplish wonders.

Well, Testing Community is one such challenging yet enormously supportive sphere. Here, the professionals are unstoppable.

Every day, there comes a new tech, and we’ll already have someone speaking and teaching about it in the community. Plenty of great personalities, young to experienced rise and let rise their fellow testers. And that alone is enough to take inspiration from. What should surprise us is that we are, by profession, one community, and that’s very uncommon.
QA Touch
So, tell me.

Belonging to such a super active profession, how can we let the fire inside us rest just like that? Of course not.

How-many-hours do-QA-testers-work

Tester’s day 2020 was just a small beginning to our new big 

We had a plan to conduct a quiz competition to spirit up our testers. By the way, how do you motivate your testers in the team? It was probably the time we just got started with our initiatives to contribute to the community. So we went ahead and announced it as an open contest for every tester.

On the occasion of 75th Tester’s Day, we held a short Quiz Contest and celebrated the triumph of our top 5 winners by awarding them: 

  1. Karthi Mariram R
  2. Mona Ghassemi
  3. Prathish P K
  4. Kannathasan E
  5. Arun Kumar Dutta


We broke all the silos to unite testers around the world at our Global Tester’s Day 2021

This year’s Tester’s Day will be a unique festival, the biggest QA party ever, and the first of its kind. Not just joy, we’ll celebrate all our talents for straight 30 days. Every creativity deserves appreciation. And every appreciation is a new step towards your personal growth.

It’s high time you take a step to break your fears, make it your opportunity, and win the first Test Championship in 2021.


Why are we motivating Testers to take part in Global Tester’s Day? 

Do you know what a typical work-day of a tester is? It’s usually 8 to 9 hours a day, and that might extend based on the nature of the project. We have recently conducted a poll on our social media to know if testers are doing anything to improve their unique skills other than QA. Over 60% of the participants voted that they are just too busy. And it surprised us!

Furthermore, we also hosted a spell-bounding session on the 10th of June this year on ‘Testing Beyond Your Project’ by an amazing speaker Emna Ayadi. She beautifully emphasized how important it is for a tester to take time off and do things to improve peace and productivity. And we thought, why not. Why not let the testers get creative. Relax, play, compete, and party. And what day can be better than our Tester’s Day?

It’s 76 years of Test excellence that brought us here. The Testing community has relentlessly done this for decades, cheering and empowering the tech. We have to celebrate the testers’ contribution to the community, not only on the Global Tester’s day. We have to celebrate their contribution every day.


What’s our core mission this Global Tester’s Day 2021?

  1. To help the young Testers thrive as new Thought Leaders in the community.
  2. To make them stand out from the crowd.
  3. Connect, meet, and network with Testers from around the world.
  4. Listen to the industry experts in their propelling QA workshops.
  5. We consider it as our turn to give back to the community 🙂


What do we have for you this year?

  • 4 Enthralling Contests exclusively to boost your confidence.

1. Chain of Thoughts: Aka ‘Mind Mapping.’ Problem-solving is one great ability of any professional, and one smart way to do it is to map your thoughts. And this competition is to test your mind mapping skills.

You have the liberty to choose the topic that interests you and come up with a creative mind map possible. You also have the freedom to use any mind mapping tool out there.

2. Blogathon: This is a competition for writing lovers. Also, it’s an apt platform if you want to showcase your knowledge in tech, QA trends, and skills. We believe that every writer is best in their own way, but we need your best piece. So, there will be a winner every week. We’ll promote your articles and pick one of the best blogs every week till 9th September. You can write on any topic from the given list. Your article will be published and promoted with full credits across all our social platforms.

3. Two Industry workshops hosted by world-class Test experts to enlighten your knowledge.

1st is the ‘Selenium With Robot Framework’ session hosted by our expert Kushan Amarasiri (Associate Technical Specialist QA @Codehouse). It’s happening on August 18 at 9.30 AM EST.

Here’s what you can take away from this e-session:

  • Learn about Robot Framework
  • Learn about Test Automation
  • Learn about Selenium Test Automation Tool
  • Using Selenium with Robot Framework

2nd is Writing Cypress Tests Without Cucumber workshop will be hosted by our expert Walmyr Filho (Instructor and Founder @Talking About Testing). It’s happening on September 02, 2021, @ 10.00 AM EST.

Here’s what you can take away from this e-session:

  • How to benefit of Cucumber concepts without the overhead of configuring it?
  • How to write tests that developers can maintain?
  • How to use the right abstractions in testing automation?
  • How to use a modern testing tool such as Cypress for writing robust, readable, and maintainable end-to-end tests.

4. My Upside Down QA Stories: The best stories are the ones that are once greatly spoken. If you think you have an inspiring story that people need to hear, you must film it. What will we do? Share it to the world just like a movie; both the voice and the story will be yours. For example, how your QA profession changed your life. Or it can be how you tackled a big situation. Or you can share your learnings by answering 5 questions.

5. One Big Test Championship Award 2021, and it can mean to you:

To win the Test Champion of the year 2021, you need to participate in all our competitions and at least win 2. Winning this award can be your first step towards becoming a thought leader in the vast QA Community.

Are you ready for the big party? We are! You can see here if you need more answers to why you should join Global Tester’s Day.

P.S I wrote a special article about our day, you can give it a read here 🙂

Happy Tester’s Day!

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