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Happy Tester’s Day!!

September 9, 2018
Happy Testers Day

QA Touch wishes all testers Happy Tester’s Day!

Today – on September 9 – the strapping testers from all across the world celebrate – Tester’s day! We’d like to congratulate all of them who strive to test applications, who rigorously make applications with excellent quality, passion, and wish them all the best!

This day has its own legend when we look back into the history of testing. It’s been 73 years since the discovery of the first bug. On this very day in 1945, when the scientists tested the computer Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator, they found a small moth between the electromechanical contacts. And one from their team pronounced the word ‘bug.’ There we go, the buzz word ‘bug’ was born.

After that, the scientists had to report the work done where the term ‘debugging’ appeared for the first time. Now debugging is finding and eliminating bugs from the application. If that goes wrongly, it may lead to incorrect performance of the system, and significant failures may happen, as you know.

Software Testing is not an easy job. Testers need to validate the system from various angles of the application and that too from users’ eyes. Reaching their expectations is like trying to catch a train at the subway in the rush-hour. Several frustrating attempts with patience are a must and normal.

And as a passionate tester, I have a piece of great news for you dynamic testers out there, on behalf of the QA Touch community; we are conducting a fun-filled contest. You can register here and celebrate this tester’s day with us.

Here Is What You Need To Do:-

To win the Test Champion of the year 2021, you need to participate in all our competitions and at least win 2. Winning this award can be your first step towards becoming a thought leader in the vast QA Community.

Are you ready for the big party? We are! You can see here if you need more answers to why you should join Global Tester’s Day.


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