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About Playsimple

‘Playsimple Games’ is India’s one of the most gripping, fast-growing, and largest mobile gaming companies. It was established in 2014 and upheld by Elevation Capital and Chiratae Ventures. Their core mission + vision is to create these really simple, casual, yet impactful gaming experiences for all at a massive scale.

Since its inception, ‘Playsimple Games’ has built a worldwide network of chart-topping games, powerful tech, and analytics infrastructure to turbocharge a powerful growth. And their product portfolio comprises a bundle of evergreen hits like Daily Themed Crossword, WordTrip, WordJam, WordWars, WordTrek, and Solitaire.

Playsimple_How did we meet

How did we meet?

You go places when you work hard to find that perfect quality for your product in every high and low. And that’s how we met Playsimple Games thanks to Santosh Mannar. He is a QA Manager at PlaySimple Games leading a massive Test team of 40+ members. With such a scaling team Santosh had to promptly work faster with a more consistent high-quality to keep up with their fast-paced market. And that’s a very big goal given that the team was using the tedious and time-consuming Excel Sheets for all of their Test Management needs. For obvious reasons, Excel wasn’t a good choice anymore knowing that they had to make a whisk move, going forward. So, there couldn’t be a better time than this for a Test friend like QA Touch to jump in for help.

The Journey

After several explorations and considerations, the team decided to migrate to an online Test Management Tool. This ‘Quality’ journey to a SaaS has led Play Simple Games and their QA Manager, Santosh Mannar to QA Touch. Now, how did we go from their little discovery to a Test Saviour? Let’s find out with this written set-forth time lapse!
The Journey_Playsimple

Their Growing Challenges with Excel sheets

  • With 45000+ cases it was challenging to organize the google sheets. ❌
  • Reusability was difficult. ❌
  • The review process was time-consuming. ❌
  • No integration support with other tools. ❌
  • No traceability for test activity and test run. ❌
  • Report generation is a pain with spreadsheets. ❌
  • No metrics and insights provided by the spreadsheet were more in addition to the pain. ❌

Our work

Scaling Test Management for Building Games…

  • Without further ado or hitch, QA Touch quickly onboarded Santosh Mannar’s team.
  • For their big-sized team of 40+ members and their raising game features QA Touch could successfully accommodate solutions to their Test Management requirements right intact and in time.
  • As desired Santosh was provided integration with industry-standard tools such as JIRA, Monday.com, Slack, Gitlab, automation, etc.
  • Later but faster they were able to manage all their test management activities in one place.
  • A user-friendly interface and better traceability with report generation and more were a bonus offered 🙂
Playsimple_QA Touch
Playsimple_Impact Created

Impact Created

PlaySimple Games have 45000+ growing test cases, managed 90+ releases; they were all managed by QA Touch. One of the best capabilities that QA Touch provides is the ability to monitor and maintain test execution in one place which saves a ton of time. In addition to that, it also supports integration as per one’s requirements. QA Touch aids teams like this with several actionable metrics that help improve the overall testing strategy and saves that extra effort for you.

"We were looking for a solid test management tool that can simplify large data, supports integration with industry-standard tools, and easy UI for navigation. QA Touch has everything we need with amazing customer service."

Santosh MannarManager, QA

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