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About RMIT, Vietnam

Tech in education paves a revolutionary path for everyday learning beyond excellence. It is that invaluable asset for both students and teachers for competent research with quality Information. That’s how we met RMIT University, Vietnam, and it’s students via Dr. Minh Ngoc Dinh. He is a well-known Lecturer at the School of Science and Technology, RMIT.

First things first,  RMIT University, Vietnam, vividly offers education in business, technology, communication, design, and fashion. They also proffer a wide range of extra-curricular activities that prep students to break new grounds in their interest areas.

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Challenges and a much-needed shift

Dr. Minh Ngoc Dinh teaches the QA and software testing process for a course at RMIT. And as a part of that, he sought a solution to help his students learn faster and better. On this second thought, indeed, he was very right. Because they already got entirely plunged into lousy MS Excel to create and manage the test cases. Which perhaps might have halted their learning scope. All these upsurging difficulties in the learning process has caused a thrust to shift.

Here lie a few more hardships of using MS Excel before QA Touch

  • Sheets get lost and are not scalable.
  • No reusability.
  • The test case review is a pain.
  • No central place to look at the progress of learning testing activities.
  • Tracking Test Runs with multiple spreadsheets was hard.
  • Reporting with spreadsheets is a pain in the neck.
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Solution and boosted benefits

The lecturer, Minh desired to have an online test tool and immediately reached out to the QA Touch team. Soon after a brief discussion, Minh was thrilled to know that we have unlocked our premium plan for free. Nonetheless, it underpins education and strengthens the testing knowledge— and truly endures for a long time.

Now for Minh and his team, setting up and onboarding the teams has improved after leveraging QA Touch. The seamless interface of QA Touch is fostering the overall transparency of their activities that entails better training. And the whole process of test case management looks flawless and enticing.

Altogether this web-based arena of Test Case Management helps a bulk of Minh’s students in their everyday learning. And with an industry tool at hand, it is certainly a fantastic opportunity for aspiring students to grab the early practice.

Thus, there began the envisioning of great learning with tech and learning tech.

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“With a class of 47 students split into 13 groups, using QA Touch allowed me to organize a software testing group assignment where students can plan, devise and execute test cases across various testing phases such as UAT, System, and Integration Testing. Overall, students found the platform useful in creating and tracking test cases. I look forward to utilizing QA Touch again in my future classes.

- Dr. Minh Ngoc DinhSoftware Engineering Lecturer, School of Science and Technology, RMIT Vietnam

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